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Yinan Shi (Dumpling)'s Journal
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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
8:34 pm
Here's what i've learned from Bio about a day or two ago.

Oxygen use to be a poison for all human being until they devoured a bacterial organism called mitochondria. Mitochondria can take oxygen as an advantage and produce energy that we need. Through thousands and million of years of evolution and adaptation, mitochondria became part of our cells.

Now, I've also heard about this today

Chlorophyll were also used to be a bacteria like the Mitochondria. As most of us know, chlorophyll is the major organelle in the cell that would make the process of photosynthesis work. Imagine if we human being have ate chlorophyll as much as mitochondria as we had in the past, the secret and the power of chlorophyll will also be part of our cell. This is huge, if we can have chlorophyll in our body, the only thing that human need in order to live is sun light and water. We would not need the food that we need today.

These days Mitochondria is also dying from us and some of the mitochondria is producing less and less, this is a major problem. Without mitochondria oxygen would be poison again and we will have to find some other way of producing energy for our body or else human extinction will be sooner than you might think

P.S: If we can consume other bacteria like the ones in lava and the ocean. Can we be resistant to the high temerpature like the lava and able to live under the water?
Monday, October 31st, 2005
9:13 pm

(i can't get to insert picture thing to work)
this is freaky
eventually people will look like this and call each other "sexy"
Saturday, October 29th, 2005
8:05 pm
[19:58] Eblob88: yo
[19:58] SmarterChild: [ Zone Labs Security alert: Session not encrypted because smarterchild is not protected by IM Security ]
[19:58] *** Auto-response sent to SmarterChild: "Rador, Vibe Rador is my name, wanna be friends?"


school stuff
[19:58] SmarterChild: Hi Eblob88, I'm SmarterChild!

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I can't wait to show you what I can do, but first I'd like get to know you a little.

May I ask you a few general questions? (To do this later, type skip. You can also skip any question.)
[19:58] SmarterChild: Sorry, I need to know if I can ask you some questions first. Type yes, no or skip.
[19:58] Eblob88: yes
[19:58] SmarterChild: Cool! OK, let's get started. To skip any question, type skip. To exit the interview, type exit.

What's your first name? (If you want me to call you Eblob88, type none.)
[19:58] Eblob88: Eblob
[19:58] SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't recognize that as a real name. Please try again or type skip, exit or none.
[19:59] Eblob88: Yinan
[19:59] SmarterChild: Cool, I'll call you Yinan now.

Do you go to school?
[19:59] Eblob88: sure
[19:59] SmarterChild: Are you in high school?
[19:59] Eblob88: wow
[19:59] SmarterChild: Sorry, you have to answer yes or no. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[19:59] Eblob88: yes
[19:59] SmarterChild: Cool. What's your favorite class?
[19:59] Eblob88: sex
[19:59] SmarterChild: I'm not, um, familiar with that curriculum.

Please type the name of a class.
[19:59] Eblob88: masturbation
[19:59] SmarterChild: Again? What's with you?

Please type the name of a class.
[20:00] Eblob88: reproduction
[20:00] SmarterChild: Reproduction? Cool.

What's your favorite hobby?
[20:00] Eblob88: talking to things like you
[20:00] SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't recognize that as a hobby. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:00] Eblob88: shooting people
[20:00] SmarterChild: C'mon, that's not cool. Try to be serious for a minute.

Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:01] Eblob88: setting fire on people's garden
[20:01] SmarterChild: Setting fire on people's garden? Cool.

What's your next favorite hobby?
[20:01] Eblob88: call 911 from neighbor's house
[20:01] SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't recognize that as a hobby. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:01] Eblob88: eating babies
[20:01] SmarterChild: Setting fire on people's garden and eating babies. Interesting!

Do you have a pet?
[20:02] Eblob88: SmarterChild
[20:02] SmarterChild: Sorry, you have to answer yes or no. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:02] Eblob88: yes
[20:02] SmarterChild: What kind of pet is it?
[20:02] Eblob88: SmarterChild
[20:02] SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't think that's a kind of pet. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:02] Eblob88: T-Rex
[20:02] SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't think that's a kind of pet. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:02] Eblob88: Tyranosaurus Rex
[20:02] SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't think that's a kind of pet. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:02] Eblob88: your mom
[20:03] SmarterChild: Come on, stop playing around.

Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:03] Eblob88: my 12 in cock?
[20:03] SmarterChild: Come on, stop playing around.

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[20:03] Eblob88: ant farm
[20:03] SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't think that's a kind of pet. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:03] Eblob88: what are u a retard?
[20:03] SmarterChild: Come on, stop playing around.

Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:03] Eblob88: okay
[20:03] SmarterChild: Sorry, I don't think that's a kind of pet. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:03] Eblob88: cat
[20:03] SmarterChild: Is your cat a he or a she?
[20:03] Eblob88: transexual
[20:03] SmarterChild: Again? Come on...

Please answer he or she. Please try again or type skip or exit.
[20:04] Eblob88: he/she
[20:04] SmarterChild: What's his name?
[20:04] Eblob88: SmarterChild
[20:04] SmarterChild: Smarterchild the cat. Great...

That's it. Thanks for letting me get to know you a little.

There is one question I have to ask you, though. How old are you?

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[20:04] Eblob88: 500
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[20:04] Eblob88: 69
[20:04] SmarterChild: Cool.

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[20:06] Eblob88: define photosynthesis
[20:06] SmarterChild: Definition provided by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Other important copyright information here.


The process in green plants and certain other organisms by which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source. Most forms of photosynthesis release oxygen as a byproduct.
Other forms
pho'to·syn·thet'ic adj.pho'to·syn·thet'i·cal·ly adv.

>>> Babies eating - How & what to feed a baby. From baby's first day to solid foods. (sponsorship)

I love this shit
Friday, October 28th, 2005
8:40 pm

| | |
white black yellow
/ | \ / | \ |
Austrilian European N. American Latino African Mid East Asian
| | | \ / | | | / |
white Europe Russia white/black black S black shaded black dark/yellow yellow

"They're all the same" - normal American people
well....i don't think so
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
10:40 pm
Here's the rewrite for my English Shane paper, but only the second paragraph. Check below for chapters before.(It might be worse though)

Community and individuals are represented very clearly in the movie Shane by the different characteristics of the actors. The movie’s setting takes place in the Wild West, creating a great atmosphere for both the communities and the individuals. One of the protagonists, Joe, is a homesteader cutting down a stomp that is taking him years to finish. The stomp represents the past civilization of Indians. From no where, Shane appears in front of the community as an individual. Shane was distrusted Joe’s family because of his individuality. But Shane’s decision to help out Joe with the stump tightened their bond as a friend. This also represent that the past civilization could only be a history when the individual and community unite. Fighting against the Riker with Joe made Shane feel that the community needed him as much as he needed the community. Riker described Shane as a “major threat” in the hands of the homesteaders. The shameful defeat at the bar forces Riker to hire a gunman name Wilson who is also a lone wandering individual who belong nowhere. But the main distinguish between these two is that one care for the community and the other don’t. Shane understands the importance of spreading the community while Wilson does not. Shane understands that a united community would create a strong and content nation that would create a home for everyone. By setting this strong goal and ambition of protecting the community, Shane was able to win against the battle against the Riker and score a point toward creating a nation.

Comments and correction would be extremely appreciative
8:51 pm
"Picture the situation: An old and blood-bespattered man, halfdead from the wounds inflicted but a few hours before; a man lying in the cold and dirt, whitout sleep for fifty-five nerve-wrecking hours, without fod for nearly as long, with the dead bodies of his two sons almost before his eyes, the piled corpses of his seven slain comrades near and afar, a wife and bereaved family listening in vain, and a Lost Cause, the dream of a life time, lying dead in his heart..." - A People's History of United States by Howard Zinn

Now compare that with this...

Picture this situation: An innocent young man in his teen, spirit torn from his inner soul, deep wounds of hatred and vengence slashed down within his heart; inside the cage of doom and despair, his only company was the his dead sister's drawing of an imaginary happy family during their glorious moment and his only friendly neighbor, THE rats who does not only steal his daily special "Porridge" everyday but also take a bite off his skin during the sleepless nights of terror, surrounding the cage is nothing but desert, the nearest city is across the ocean of death, this is my life, this is my world. Care to join?
8:36 pm
Here's the rewrite for my English Shane paper, but only the first paragraph. (It might be worse though)

American Western civilization has changed tremendously during the past century. Shane is a movie that shows how two separate nations unite into one. These two categories consist of individuals and communities. Individuals are people that do not cooperate with others and are equivalent as a homeless wander that doesn’t belongs any where. On the other hand, community is a group of people living together as a family. Community work together and act as one. The movie Shane shows existence of western individuals and communities work together by presenting powerful examples that represent the 19th century. The alliance between community and individual creates this strong and united nation.

Comments and correction would be extremely appreciative
Monday, October 24th, 2005
9:37 pm
Do any of you believe in superstition?

boolean superstition = true;
if (believe in superstition)
if (do not believe in superstition)

Oki, here's a cool superstition that i've heard a couple of days ago. Suppose if you put a mirror infront of you and one behind you so that you are between the two mirrors at a specific time you can tell see un imaginable things

Mirror of 0:00:00
You will be able to see what your future self look like and when this happens a bad spirit comes out of mirror and increase your age exponentially from day to day causing you to be older and older until you die. When the victim dies the spirit will be trapped once again in the mirror waiting for the next victim. The spirit is only visible through the victim's eyes
There's a story a long time ago where this bad spirit played tricks on people by making them older. Until one day a powerful exorcist came and sealed the spirit in the realm of reflections. The realm of reflection is where there are infinate reflection of a specific spot that has no exit because of the infinate amount of distance infront. In the realm of reflection the different mirror connects to different portals which would lead to different place when two mirrors are placed against each other at the given time.

Mirror of 2:22:22
You will discover your death date, although the number is written in a different timing system so you will most likely won't be able to find out the date unless you can read it. The date although is determined at the time that you stare at that mirror. Your original death date is changed to the new one given in the mirror.
Another spirit that is possessed within the mirror realm is Satan the invisible one. Satan is neither good nor bad and both help you or destroy you. Suppose your life span is 50 years before you witnessed ur new life span. The mirror could show either longer or shorter life span on the mirror. The mirror can show 75 or 25 either way you won't be able to determine the exact date. Satan is invisible through all eyes.

Mirror of 3:33:33
You will be able to see your future wife/husband!!! There's nothing bad about it unless you call heart attack by the major shocking discovery an injury.
I actually don't know the reasoning for this one

P.S I'm not responsible for any complaints, but please do comment
Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
6:33 pm
One of the most confusing thing to me is the concept of hyperism. I know that I'm misanthropic but still it's difficult to me why people become so hyper so energetic over....basically nothing.

For example, you know sometimes there is always a bunch of girls in your class that are like extremely hyper. If the teacher state that we are going to work with markers today they will like scream "OMG!! WE ARE GONNA WORK WITH MARKERS TODAY!!! I'M SO PSYCHED!!!! *SCREAM*" I mean comon it's just marker what's so exciting about it? Today in my PSAT math class that i T.A I had to make like 3 fucking Asian girls to shut up about some crap. During the break i asked them a question, "Why is life so exciting?" They told me that "It's not it's just that you'll never realize that how much longer u can stay with ur friends and even get to do boring stuff like coloring with markers." For the first time I have finally understand why people get psyched or hyper. One can never be hyper and energetic without people.

Another thing that I don't understand about hyperism is for example some people like Mike. C. When he have like 2 or 3 hour of sleep the night before he's hyper. Last Wed during the first official meeting of Swim Team he was CRAZY! Even worse than the penguins in Madagascar. He was screaming, jumping up and down, laughing like a maniac. I was like *What is this creature? Is IT high on crack?* The answer to that question never came around. I'm still seeking for the answer about hyperism.

Make me hyper, make me happy, explain to me why life is so fun
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
11:50 pm
Ever realized that some people always think that the concept of "DARK" or "BLACK" is ominous and evil? Well that is not necessarily true. One of the strongest reason to back up this concept is the existence of Africans. Are they evil? I think not. You could say that WE Americans are more evil than those Africans. For example when Columbus first came to America they tortured hundreds or maybe even thousands of Arawak Indians but Africans first would want to make piece with strangers (But in 90% chance senario they end up dead).

Did any of you also know that if a blind man if life time supported with aid they end up living longer than a person with a perfect vision (if that person don't end up in an accident)?

Another example. This might sound childish but ever played games where you will have unimaginable power with no lose but just gain? Like Metroid or Megaman games, you turn dark but that's just the outside u still have the good with in the character, but just the increase of power.

anyway today was boring, and i've started posting again for some reason
Thursday, July 21st, 2005
10:22 pm
THUR 072105
Here's the last workshop

Just correct it for me. You'll need my drawing to understand the assignment which i can't scan it on

Yinan Shi
July 21, 2005
Staring Contest
A picture can worth a thousand words. In my portrait, it shows more about my personality than anything else can describe. The drawing represents me in many different ways and shows the deep emotional feeling of me strongly. Even though it doesn’t look like much, even though it does not actually show my physical form, even though it appear to be anything. It still can tell my children as much as they want to know about me in time. It has many hidden meanings into it and as time progresses they can acquire my own unique personality.
The drawing looks strange from the first sight and from a viewer’s perspective it’s very awkward drawing and because of its lack of information on the background and the foreground. But there’s a lot to be discovered about me even just from the glare that I have in the drawing. First of all it is easy determine that it’s an Asian eye with its sharp and thin shape like a moon on a glorious night. It also shows my sorrow life under the lid of the box, because of the way that I stare at the observer. It shows my cowardly isolated mood which happened often in any place especially inside the box. My rude unwelcoming characteristic is also shown in the drawing because there were no reactions at all except for staring at the observer.
Setting is also important to me, in a corner inside the box. Both the corner and the box mean a lot to me. I never liked to be in an open area with many people, corner is a place where there are less people to bother you and you can do anything alone peacefully. I developed my isolationism which became a significant part of my life over the past years of being self-dependent. The box is a place where I could dodge myself from the world. Inside the box also has its own unique darkness with 2 tiny hole of light. I gained a courageous and disciplined manner at the same time inside the box. I became disciplined by avoiding the box when I entered it and became courageous after by resisting the fear inside the box. My greatest fall back from the box reaction is my development of pessimism.
Even though I stare at the spectator, I am still pondering to ideas. These ideas can fit into any category. Good, bad, life, death, happy, sad, letter A, letter Z, cold, hot anything you can imagine I would have thought inside the box already. I rarely stare outside because the box is locked but I think of the spectator when they look at me. I always think of things like “What are u looking at? What? You’ve never seen a kid in a box before? Huh? That’s right! Beat it!” But I’ve never had a moment of stream of conscience which came in handy. Some people can not distinguish their thoughts and what they are saying. But most of the time I think of life. I never understood the idea of life and why we exist. This eventually became the reason for becoming pessimistic.
This piece of art shows a lot of my personality. Never judge a drawing by their lack of surrounding, because the more you analyze the more you understand. My life, my personality, my history is all shown in the drawing carefully and clearly. It takes time but it requires people step by step to understand the true art work of the drawing. Maybe it’s just me who understands it and people who know me well. But you will be able to know the general idea of what kind of person I am from the drawing. The surrounding of the box and the background of a corner means a lot to me and it will be a characteristic that I will keep for rest of my life and I’ll never change my mind as to how I see the drawing. If anyone would look closely they will be able to analyze and understand the true work of creepy darkness within the box.

Current Mood: cranky
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
10:14 pm
WED 072005
Here's the workshop for tonight

Assignment: old vision => new vision

Make as much correction as u can and post it

Yinan Shi
July 20, 2005
You don’t see me, you see me, now you see me even better
For centuries humanity were unable to define the shape of earth. It was an abstract concept with an amorphous shape that gave us no actual answer as to how to draw the map of this humongous world. There are two ways of seeing the world that we live in. One is through visually by inspecting the globe or a map. These objects are models and blue print of this planet. It is not the exact but a scaled down size of the earth and its geography. Another perspective of earth is through space, since 1969 the world was able to view the planet from its physical angles. Physical view allows us to have exact measurement on the planet’s diameter, mass and everything else we need and wanted to know for millennia. Now, space satellites allow us to have a new sight of our good old lovely and cursed planet. Humanity went from no maps at all to physical shape of this massive planet over the past millennia.
World maps have been humanity’s ambition for centuries since the beginning of our time. People wanted to see the world and know the shape of the place that they live in. That is why the map was involved for centuries and people tried to make the most accurate map. But none of the maps were accurate enough. People didn’t even knew that the world was round until they actually found out themselves. Maps are the blue print of the world; they are considered the most informative way to describe the condition of a specific place. There are elevation map that shows the elevation of different places shown in maps. There’s also landscape maps with keys that would be able to tell what kind of land are on the regions of land, for example, mountain, marshes, and grass. But maps are limited thus you can never see as much as possible. There’s only one area and never possible to zoom in on a paper map. Globes are spherical and never actually represent the planet earth because of its perfect sphere which does not match the shape of the planet.
Physically viewing the planet as oppose to staring at a map has its advantages and disadvantages. Physical images of the planet has the beauty of the exact shape of the planet, it is not entirely spherical but more oval. Its clear blue sea is as beautiful as the sky at a lucid night. But now the there are more and more lands turning its outer beauty into the dirty land of sands and broken lands like skin disintegrating because of improper treatment. More and more gorgeous green from the lands are turning into the golden dusty sand of no-man’s land. The vision from space also comes in very handy when it predicting the weather report. Because it is easy to see where in the parts of the world has the most cloud to determine the climate (as you can see I’m not too good with weather).
Physical and visual visions of the planets are very different but when they combine their power together we can enhance the best results. For example, if we can have space satellites around the planet we can take a picture around the planet and from that we can draw the most accurate and precise model of the globe or even a planet with the right locations for each continent. But we have to realize that the plate tectonics are still moving which causes the surface lands of the planet to shift around thus making the maps obsolete and useless. It is very difficult to predict the movement of the plates to make a map that is up to date and accurate. Today, we do not only use our old vision to view the world with a map and a globe but also use the technology of the space probe to see more by using the new vision.

Current Mood: crazy
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
8:58 pm
TUE 071905
Workshop for tomorrow

Assignment: write something pursuasive that'll convince someone something

Yinan Shi
July 19, 2005
Drinks’ on me

To a man who is dumb enough to jump off a 30 stories building (beware: rude language involved for its necessity)

Wow! Hold on, wait. First of all who ever you are I have no intention to stop you because I don’t know you and you don’t know me. But you’ve got to listen to me for a couple of minutes before taking your final action.
Okay first I’ve got to admit that life does suck or else you wouldn’t be doing this right here, right now. I mean who’s gonna jump off a building if you are a billionaire. What are you stupid? You see, I’ve never found out the reason for us being in this world anyway. Life is always painful with full of sadness and disease, you can even die on a toilet seat when you get poisoned dude! Also, when was the last time that you ever sleep peacefully? Hmm…let’s see…NEVER!!! This world is so freakin’ corrupted that no one has the guts to sleep safe and sound, I can tell you that.
But now, now, look at you. A dumb fuck who has got the shitiest idea on this shitty planet: trying to jump off a 30 stories building. Okay, here’s what I’m gonna say for you after you land and that’s an extremely earsplitting “Ouch!” Then I’m gonna take a pretty picture of your pity dead body that’s gonna decade and get eaten by scavengers like crows and mice. I’ll take that picture and give a copy to each of your family members and put a copy in your coffin. That’ll teach your family what kind of moron you were and what kind of mistake they shouldn’t make in their future. It’s either that or you take your humongous guts, because I know that it’s in there and live till you last stinking breathe during your death bed. Now think. Choice A or choice B. It’s a no-fucking-brainer! You don’t have to think! What are you brain damaged? You also got to know that dying in your sleep at bed is not as painful as smash your head on the pavement. This is a best deal that anyone could ever get! It’s pretty obvious which way you want to die.
Wow! I also realized that you are missing a shit load of goodies when you die. There are so many things for you to find out. Like don’t get jealous when you see me driving a non-motorized floating vehicle in the 25th century or droll all over my face when I get to have the best buffet while you can’t even smell the deliciousness. Also don’t blame me if you miss to see how Boston Redsox won the next World Series or Patriots winning the next Superbowl (even though I’m not a sports fan at all). You see, your not going to go any where when you die. You’ll just be stuck swimming in the tears of your families and friends. Good luck swimming; I’ll leave a flipper on your grave (even though I’ll probably miss where yours is). Besides, don’t you have family? You’ll feel so fucking guilty by the end that you’ll wish that you’ve never been born at all to marry your wife and have the great kids that you have. In 20 years you’ll see the head line with your kids’ name in jail because nobody was there to support them.
So you see it’s up to you to decide if you want to live on or not. I could have thrown away my stinking life whenever I wanted to. But guess what? I’ve got people to care about, things to do, and curious things to find out. So many things to do, so little time. Sometimes I wish I could have more than one life to see if my kids and my relatives are living safe, have food to eat, clothe to wear, have proper education. Look, I don’t know why you want to die. Probably because of job, relation, family, money, or anything, but you’ve got to know that there are good things in life too and be gutful to live on man. I really got to admit life sucks but I feel more like it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just pointless. There’s no actual reason for us to be alive but we’ll find out eventually in the future. No offense dude. (by now he’s off the building) Come on. Let’s get a drink, on me of course!

Current Mood: weird
Sunday, July 17th, 2005
8:34 pm
Here's the workshop due tomorrow, it's got some pretty good insults

Assignment: write 4 paragraphs, start them off with: he/she was an (physical quality), he/she was a monster of (emotional quality), he/she had mania for (specific [can't read it]), it never occured to him that (ur choice)

I need feedback with lots of grammar and spelling suggestions.
*comments would also do good

Yinan Shi
July 17, 2005
The Monster (title)
He was an old fashion chopstick dog who moves like an eighteen wheeler missing its front wheels. Spoke like an elderly sissy geezer who complains about every single little detail that he could find. Most people would scream if they were to meet him and ponder the question “has the world gone mad?” in their first sight of this hideous creature. The specs that he wears make him look like a dumb nerd more than ever. He tries to fit into either the category of dumb or nerd but belong to neither of the societies. This homeless critter is oblivious but also has short term memories about almost every discussion that he starts himself. In his torturous dungeon lair he teaches nothing other than to “blah, blah” the entire fifty five minutes of no-mercy class, tells his student to open their books when they are opened, and repeatedly advises us to check our notes when our answers to his questions are correct.
He was the monster of all monsters, master of cruelty, and top on both the “Hated Teachers” list and the assassin’s list. He also has the tendency of favoring one student from another and gives several unequal advantages to different students. We, students can never cover our smirk over his frustration when we ask him to go to the bath room or getting a drink of water. One student in particular literally chuckles in the hallway after escaping through his deadly boring classroom of hell and stays in the cafeteria until the end of the block. Even though this was his first year of teaching, he has no experience at all, PERIOD. As a computer networking teacher he had never written any labs for his class. His so called “labs” were more of research paper. When there are actual labs, they were written and created by his students who made it desperately because of the boredom lectures that he gives us every day. Occasionally he gives us study period which most of us refresh ourselves from our nap time by walking around and talk to each other. Most of the time he just observes us just as a dog stares at a corner for no reason. Nobody ever has any idea what he is thinking and it will always be one of those wonders of the universe.
He was a mania for ridiculously unnecessary discussions. There are many times that he realizes how his lectures had puts the majority of the class into a deep and restless sleep. When that happens, he struggles with his greatest effort to wake up the class with extremely dreary topics that would put any sleeping beauty into an eternal rest. The discussion topic can last for minutes that would make it seem like decades and by the time that the class finishes the discussion the study period starts and 90 percent of them would be lost in their own universe of confusion. But there are worse times when he links the dreadful topic to another one and continues to blah for rest of the class. When he’s finished with his discussion the there would be no more time for study period to refresh our minds
It never occurred to him that we, the little lambs, were being tortured by the big bad wolf. He should have realized by the end of the year how much his student disliked him and how they wish no other innocent lambs would have to face the same fate as we did. But he was still the same old cocky teacher, thinking that he has done an extraordinary job raising these kids into their full potential. But it was the completely opposite, he had destroyed the confidence of these young and innocent children who had future in their education. Many of us dreaded from day to day about our “hell of a time” with him. Each one of us had a tiny ray of hope escaping his class next year and as the class reached toward its end the ray gotten wider. We have warned as many friends as we can about the class and told them to avoid at all cost. This is his gift. This is his curse. Who is this guy? He’s the boogeyman.

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
11:01 pm
THUR 071405
From now on I will post my critical writing workshop writings on the lj pages. Hope you'll like it! ^^ (probably not the first one though)

Workshop #8
Assignment: Define a word of a choice (I chose the F-word)

When people see the letter “F” they think of two things, one is their letter that their old math teacher’s gave them high school and second is the word “Fuck”. No matter how purely good anyone is, he or she will eventually say this word at least once in his or her life like all human will step on at least one ant in their entire miserable life. Fuck is a very complex word. It has many different meaning and usage to it. Although Americans usually only use this word for one purpose there is an official definition for this word. The world fuck, so called the “F-word” is unlike other letter represented word like “FA-word”, “D-word”, “S-word”, and “B-word” has its distinguished twist in the English language that intrigue some people.
The F-word is a powerful swears and obviously, it is an extremely rude word to use it on anybody. It has the power that would affect the emotional feeling of the person that is said to. In the English dictionary there are three ways or part of speech to represent this hideous and monstrous word. The noun form of fuck has two usages. One is used in a sexual intercourse or a partner of a sexual intercourse and the other is used intensively, for example “What the fuck is that thing?” Verb form of the fuck is something that we all know and may have an interest in and that is the action of sexual intercourse. Interjection form of the F-word is used all the time but people do not realize this until they deeply analysis this word. “Fuck!” is used unintentionally whenever one’s temper rises because of their disappointment or frustration of something. Words that come after fuck may change the meaning of the word but is still equally impolite as the original word. “Fuck off” is used when the speaker is shooing the other one away, “Fuck up” is comes up a lot when someone fails to accomplish or has done a awful job on a task.
The word fuck plays a huge role in the English language in this planet. Many mature rated movies and TV-shows has variety of swears in them. A mature rated movies and shows aren’t complete without the word “fuck” in them. These business enterprises use fuck and many other swears to get the attention of teenagers who understand the art and the comedy of swears. The F-word also attracts attention of the people who are absolutely obsessed with sexual intercourses in adult movies and magazines. But there are always side effects when over using F-words to many teenagers. Over the past decade 90 percent of kids have used the F-word at least once by the age of five. Kids also spread this considerably interesting word to their friends, therefore the number will not decrease but sky rocket for the next few decades.
The world of English literature can not be complete without this four letter word. Right now, the word is part of the English history and it will always be in the dictionary when someone needs the actual definition of this extraordinary word. The word is as powerful as the word hate and love because it can alter human’s emotional feeling by both good and bad. Fuck can be defined differently by the context of the word and there are also compound words for this unique swear. Business industries use the F-word to attract an enormous attention by using stereotypical media to make mega bucks. Even for foreign people like me it was hard to understand at first but eventually the knowledge and the art of the F-word gradually increase like how humanity interpreted the Shakespeare plays. Here’s one last thing before you start rethink of the word fuck. When you get home DO NOT, I REPEAT! DO NOT TELL YOUR MOM OR DAD WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED TODAY!

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
6:45 pm
THUR 060205
I got another Inuyasha disc today, that's partly good but not good because Alex gave it to me at the wrong time. Fun, letting me watch Inuyasha 2 days before the SAT II chem. Very thoughtful of him. Anyways, Inuyasha is still really good. Especially when it's getting toward it's end :(. I'm sad because I don't want it to end, Inuyasha's fun but we got to accept endings. Only 17 episodes more left, one DVD should be good enough to complete it but it seems that Alex want to have like 2 discs for some stupid reason.

I don't really know what to watch after Inuyasha, I've watched Bleach, Naruto, YuyuHakusho, Yugioh (yes, saddly), Samurai Deeper Kyo, GTO, Ruronikenshin, Hikaruno Go, Jigokunosensei Nube, and many more. I want to have something that's worthy while to watch and last for a long time. Inuyasha was a good example for this and I liked it a lot.
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
8:29 pm
WED 060105
Wow! When was the last time I've posted something? I feel like it's been decades. So lots of stuff happened over the past few days don't feel like talking too much but because it's liveJOURNAL, I'll just write a journal or something.

So one of the main reason for me to start writing entries during busy time like this is because Julie miss me. I also need something to do so why not write a summary? I also feel sadden that Julie was afraid that our friendship was drifting apart and I don't like that, as u all know I like to make friends and keep them. (Gary, I'm not emotional) I also want to check other people's entry these days but it's getting a bit tricky when your parents are hovering over your sholder and goes crazy when they see a picture or graphics on the monitor.

So SAT II Chem test is this SAT and it's getting overboard. As usual my parents are going crazy. So this is the deal that they gave me. If i get a good score on my SAT, they would get me a decent/good laptop for my trip this summer so I could practice computer programming. But what's sux is that you don't see many wireless networks in China or Japan these days so it's gonna hard for me to get online and send my programs to my friends for them to check for me. That makes things more difficult for me. Now if I suck on my chem exam then the consiquence is that I will have to drop AP bio next year and take regular curric one bio :( and not take computer programming next year and working to retake the SAT II chem. Now that would suck so much that I would have to cry. Therefore you see that things will either go really well, or really bad.

Another thing that I've been thinking over these past several days is that, I'm drifting away from someone that I have crush on. I seem to see her cheat and I don't like that. I've been trying to talk to her to not to cheat but she isn't seem to getting better at it and she can't be changed easily. I also seem to know that she does michef things to others and look down on some people, which surely I don't like. I know for a fact that I'm not ever trying to get her to be my girlfriend or anything because I'm such a loser and I don't like her to hang out with a loser like me. But I don't like her to be someone who look down on people and cheat on stuff. I'm really dissapointed though, I thought of her being a good person.

So these are my dull days, nothing so special and life is just busy and tough. I think I sucked on my chem test today as usual because I didn't know what we were suppose to do for most of the problems again. My life is going down the drain, too much pressure for me

sorry for all these negetive stuff

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
9:12 pm
MON 051605
Haven't written an entry for a long time because there's nothing to write about and I've been doing some thinking for a long period of time. So as you can tell there's nothing special to write about these days. You shouldn't expect much from this entry. So life is as rutine as ever, so boring that I can die any moment

One thing that I think you can tell is that I've changed how my Livejournal looks like, I think it's cool but I want to wait till I can find out the color spectrum for the computers. I want to have like a lot of orange, black, blue, and light green. I can find them easily but u know how lazy i am even to get a book that's right next to the computer that I'm sitting right now.

I got yelled by Ms.Linder again, getting into a huge trouble for not wearing a helmet again. I don't like wearing head gears especially hats and helmets. Even during the swimming I don't wear swimming caps which will probably get me down another second or two. Head gears in general just don't work for me. Yinan + head gear = not cool.

Here's something exciting to look forward to. Julie's got me a birthday present of some sort. Now some of you may have know that the last time that I got a proper birthday present from anyone was when I was 6 in Japan from my parents. (it was an action figure if u must know). I miss getting gifts from people, I'm not begging for gifts or anything but I need love. I don't get love from my parents, they just give me money for my birthday presents. I get a butt load of money, like couple of thousands but I don't appreciate it, when I was 14 I even chucked the paycheck that they gave me because I was so ticked off. I really appreciate Julie for doing this for me.

Things that i've been thinking is that life is getting more and more pointless. I have been doing bad in my test and quizes these days. For example u know that I've done bad on my last history test on WWII and I've worked like a mad man. 6 cups of coffe man, 6!!! Now I got a freakin' 60 on my most recent math test, and math is my forte. So sad (shaky head). I don't know what to do. Almost everybody know how pressurizing my parents are, especially these days when the SAT IIs are comming up. They get me all these tutors who I sack after the first sessions and I don't get anything out of it because I feel that they are not helping me and I'm wasting money down the drain. Life is getting dull. I don't get nervous like I want to. I've a very calm person as all of u know. I want to study effectively like some of the good students.

That's my past couple of days. Peace out

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Thursday, May 12th, 2005
9:00 pm
THUR 051205
I feel so shitty after school today. Seems that Andrew is sad over something. I'm not being gay or anything but Andrew is cool and funny. He's either sad or depressed, he didn't seem to want to talk to either me or everyone. That's bad. Very bad. Hopefully he'll get better soon.

Math is getting hard for some stupid reason, seems like because I missed Friday when we talked about the core root of all the Trig functions. Here's a tip: Don't miss the class of the first day after a test because it's gonna be like shit when you don't know the simple stuff, you won't get the later stuff if you don't know the simple stuff.

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
11:17 pm
WED 051105
So today was nothing so special just another sad entry by a sad man. What's so sad is just that I have just realized that OR (Orange Range) who sings these cool songs plagerised some of their work from the others without acknowledging them. This is such a pity that I can't even stress enough, I admire these guys a lot with their hard butt kicking off work. But guess what From this sound clip that I heard, it's having this thing that it's keep filling the listener with plagerising work of OR. Mad but dissapointed.

Current Mood: disappointed
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